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10 years focus on boiler equipment production Company fully reinforced

With high efficiency, advanced structure, small volume, less gas oil content, real-time adjustment of air intake capacity, it can fully meet the needs of customers in all walks of life

Each machine has passed more than 80 process inspections, ensuring the high precision required in the design

Electric boiler
Electric boiler


Professional technical team + customized Integrated boiler solution

Employ many experts and engineers in the industry to focus on the development of electric boiler technology research and development

Independent production, annual output of 3000 sets to meet the production and supply of mass orders

After sale

One to one service Perfect after-sales service system

Provide debugging, training and use, eliminate hidden dangers, one-stop solution to your worries!

Independent research and development, saving from the source, network direct sales, affordable, so that the equipment is no longer a burden

Electric boiler


"Integrity unit" product quality recommendation unit

Integrated solution supplier of electric furnace

01Pre sale——Product testing

Each machine has passed more than 80 process inspections, ensuring the high precision required in the design

02In sale——Solution

According to the actual situation of customers to give customers the professional advice and guidance on the planning of boiler gas use

03After sale——service after selling goods for a stated period

Provide installation and debugging, after-sales service engineer on-site service, eliminate hidden dangers

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Jiangsu Kehua intelligent heating equipment Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Kehua intelligent heating equipment Co., Ltd,Our company is located in Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province. As a professional manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment, Kehua intelligent heating equipment has modern standard factory buildings, office buildings and R & D centers. It is a comprehensive type of high-tech R & D, production, sales and technical service of high-tech frequency induction heating equipment Economic entity company, the medium frequency smelting furnace, medium frequency induction diathermy furnace, medium and high frequency induction quenching furnace, industrial furnace, fully enclosed water cooling equipment and other products produced by the company, sell well in more than 20 provinces, cities and regions, are widely used in casting, heat treatment, forging, machining and other industries, and are recognized and praised by the majority of users.